May 19th, 2015
Surprise, we're talking about BAD COPS again. 
   During this show we talk about Minneapolis police officer, Michael Griffin who is currently under federal investigation relating to brutality claims made against him. We even have a call in guest who has experienced Griffins brutal behavior first hand. 
   To help lighten the mood after the bad cop talk we close the show talking to world traveling adventurer, author and historian, Scotty Roberts. Scotty shares some very interesting news relating to a new discovery made in Egypt


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May 12th, 2015
In this show we cover Syemour Hersh calling BS on the "official" story of the Osama Bin Laden killing, more LOOTING and criminals act by Wells Fargo banks and special guest journalist, Jay Syrmopoulos from "The Free Thought Project."

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May 5th, 2015

To start, this show had a slight technical issue during the recording. Nothing important was lost, just Joey greeting the audience.

That issue aside, this show covers a lot of current events in under hour. The show starts with discussing Mayweather's boxing and women beating exploits and racist bloodthirsty Christians using "art" to antagonize equally bloodthirsty Muslim extremists. From there we start digging deeper into many of the stories coming out of Baltimore right now, from the arrest of the 6 murderous cops, to a deeper understanding of who is really looting in the lower income areas. We also had a caller that really wanted to get to know, Joey.
Also, don'tforget, if you listen live onAM950 KTNF(Twin Cites) or live stream the show, you can call in and contribute to the conversation. Go to thePARDON THE DISSENTwebsite for more details.

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April 28th, 2015

PTD is finally on air! 

This debut episode was broadcast on 4/27/15 and we spent most of the show talking about the protests happening in Baltimore over killing of Freddy Gray.  
Not too bad for our first episode transitioning from podcasts to live radio but expect us to get better! 

Also don't forget, if you listen live on AM950 KTNF (Twin Cites) or live stream the show, you can call in and contribute to the conversation. Go to the PARDON THE DISSENT website for more details. 

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We Finally Have A Debut Date!

April 17th, 2015

It took a few weeks longer than we were hoping for but we have now finally secured the funding needed to put "PARDON THE DISSENT" on air! 

Starting on 4/27/15 at 11pm CST "PTD" will be broadcast weekly on AM950 KTNF in the Twin Cities.  
If you are not in the Twin Cites there will also be a Live Streaming option and a Podcast version of the show that will be available here, iTunes and Stitcher Radio within 24 hours of them originally airing. 
For details about the show, the LIve Stream, Podcasts and more, visit the "Pardon The Dissent" website.


January 25th, 2015

Hey fans of FILTER FREE AMERIKA!  Have you missed us?  

We've missed you too and now I can finally announce some great news!  
If you have enjoyed our content in the past its returning but in a little different form. 
By or before the end of March, you will be seeing a show called "PARDON THE DISSENT" in this podcast feed.
 "PTD" is going to be a radio friendly version of what the "FFA" podcast was. Meaning, our language will be filtered but NOT our views on politics, current events and the social issues of the day.  
Starting on a soon TBA date, Joey Vincent & Robert Baril will be broadcasting the "PTD" show LIVE via AM950 in Minneapolis, MN , every Monday night from 11pm -12am CST. Whats great about this aside from greatly expanding or listener reach is that NOW we'll be able to take your phone calls LIVE during episodes! We will want you guys to call in and give your two cents on all the topics we'll be talking about. 
Now, If you're out of State or out of Country, don't worry because you can still listen live or via podcast shortly after episodes air.  
If you want to listen LIVE but not in the AM950's station reach you can simple go to PTD website and find instructions on how to live stream the show for FREE
If you're unable to catch the show live, podcast versions of the show will be available in a few places. 
First as mentioned before, right here on this PTD Podbean page. Also you can search for "PARDON THE DISSENT" on iTunes and Stitcher Radio and episodes will be there too. 
We're trying to make the show as accessible as possible and as always, we want to keep it FREE
Now, here is where we need your help.  Before we can start airing "PTD" we must secure advertisers and sponsors to fund the show. Starting right now we are are actively looking for people and companies that would like to support the "PTD" show with advertising dollars.  Now our advertising time is very affordable so we can be picky as to who we promote on the show. That means if your company has no social conscious or you're just a jerk, we don't want your money. 
If you would like talk about advertising/sponsoring, want to know our current rates or find out what our optical customer reach is, please email us at ( ) and we will contact you ASAP. Please include a phone number if you would rather talk on the phone. 
If you can't afford to help "PTD" financially but do still want to help, here are some things you can do
 RIGHT NOW that would very helpful. 
1) Like the "Pardon The Dissent" page on Facebook. 
2) Once you've liked the "PTD" page, share it in your FB feed and ask all your fiends to like it and check us out too. 
3) Follow "Pardon The Dissent" on twitter.
Doing all three of those things would be VERY HELPFUL because advertisers use social media interaction to determine value now days. 
Lastly, thank all of you. I have worked very hard to build "Filter Free Amerika" up to this point but there is NO WAY I could have done it without your help and interest. I'll need you more than ever to make "Pardon The Dissent" successful and I thank you in advance.  Be safe, healthly, happy, and kind to each other in 2015 and I'm looking forward to interacting with and talking to you LIVE on air very soon. 
Keep Seeking The Truth! 
Joey Vincent 

FFA Episode #96 interviews: The Creator of Storm Clouds Gathering w/ guest ARRON HAWKINS

September 20th, 2014


If you've been paying any attention to the TRUTH MOVEMENT at all you know that one of the most POPULAR and ACCURATE independent news sources is STORM CLOUDS GATHERING. In this FFA episode we talk with the founder and voice of SCG, ARRON HAWKINS. This is an over 2 hour conversation that starts with the background of SCG and some of Arron's views of society and then moves into discussing topics like a potential WWIII, Ebola and 9/11. This episode is packed full of interesting information and is a mind blowing listen! 
Storm Clouds Gathering :
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Link To Video Version of FFA- I episode #95 I Was Assaulted by the Police with guest Chris “Minnesota Fr3sh” Lollie

August 31st, 2014


This is a link to the VIDEO version of FFA- I Episode #95
The regular AUDIO ONLY version is posted just after this post and can also be found via iTunes and Stitcher Radio by searching for "PARDON THE DISSENT" 

FFA Episode #95 interviews: I Was Assaulted and Kidnapped by the Saint Paul, MN Police with guest Chris “Minnesota Fr3sh” Lollie

August 29th, 2014


Our guest this episode is Chris "Minnesota Fr3sh" Lollie. Chris granted "Filter Free Amerika" his first ever, full length interview detailing his assault and kidnapping by members of the Saint Paul, MN Police Department. He explains in complete detail the events before and after the now viral YouTube video of his incident as well as how it all went down in court when all of his fraudulent charges were thrown out. You will not believe the parts of the story NOT yet made public!  You will also get a chance to hear two songs recorded Chris AKA "Minnesota Fr3sh"

Link To Chris' ReverbNation Page:

Link to the video of Chris' Arrest:


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FFA Episode #94 interviews: My Battle with Alcoholism with guest Comedian John Conroy

August 23rd, 2014


Were you looking for a hard-hitting FFA episode that tackles a really important topic? If so, you just found it.   John Conroy is one of the funniest and hardest working comedians that many of you have most likely never heard of, yet. Just like so many other great comics, John has demons that he has had to battle. John is a hardcore alcoholic and he joins us to tell us how that came to be as well as sharing his struggles to remain sober today. There are a few funny moments and a few tear worthy ones as well. We hope you appreciate this episode as much as we do. 
Special guest co-host for this episode is Comedian Greg Coleman
Link to John's Facebook page:
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